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CE 1434

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The recorder that represents the most advanced technology concentrated in the smallest space.

CardioLight+ represents an unprecedented technological leap by bringing together the greatest electronic advances in the precision of electrocardiographic recordings, in a Holter recorder with a modern design and reduced size.

The CardioLight+ digital recorder has the following differentials:

• Recording for 24 to 72 continuous hours, without replacing battery;
• Pacemaker detection circuit;
• Built-in internal clock;
• Transmission via infrared rays enabling monitoring of the patient when installing the recorder or at any time to check the signal;
• Through the CardioNet software, the records recorded in the CardioLight+ can be transmitted over the Internet;
• Light and sound alarms;
• Emitter – Infrared receiver;
• 3 year warranty (excludes accessories) plus 24/7 technical support.

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